Our Story

The story of First Baptist Church in Dilley began over a century ago.  In October of 1891, five women and four men met together with the hopes of forming a Baptist church in Dilley.  In July of 1892, First Baptist Church in Dilley was officially organized and entered the Rio Grande Baptist Association.

The story for the decades following read like a fascinating novel. Preachers traveling through, preaching from their “Gospel Wagons,” others were circuit-riders, traveling horseback through 4 counties preaching at depots and other gathering spots. Through all of this, the Lord continued to work in Dilley, using many different pastors and some very good families in the community that had formed this church.
In 1951 they built what continues to serve as the sanctuary, even though only the outer shell has stayed the same.  Several complete renovations have been done in that building over the years to keep it up to date.

Many pastors who served in this church went on to serve the Lord in ministries that extend almost around the world.  The Lord has used these former pastors as pastors in other churches, as missionaries, evangelists and professors.

What remains constant over the years has been the people that God has drawn together to serve as His body in Dilley; Godly men and women with a passion for the Lord and a deep desire to see God do what only God can do.

That still describes this church body today.  It is made up of a very diverse group of people whose common tie is a very deep love for God’s Word and a passionate desire to live out their love for Christ in relationships with the people God has place in their path.

You will find this congregation a welcoming and loving group of people.  Lance Hartsfield and his wife Janeen came in 1993, and Lance has studied the church through most of the books of the New Testament and about one third of Old Testament books since then.