A Word from Lance

April 2011 Newsletter

Dear Church Family,

"We are blessed with every spiritual blessing in the heavenly realms." That is a great promise, a great position to be in as believers. But I am amazed at how God so bountifully blesses us as a church in every other way also! I hope that you are noticing the number of visitors we are having on a regular basis. That is an exceptional blessing that we need to respond to as good stewards! When God brings them in, we need to welcome them and demonstrate "all the affection of Christ" toward them. That is a wonderful blessing that we are enjoying!

We are also abundantly blessed in our Building Fund! I hope you have noticed this too. We had $180,000 set as our goal so that we could do the first stage of the new fellowship hall/ministry building, but God super-abundantly provided! We now have nearly $230,000 in the Building Fund! We are working diligently to get details taken care of and get the whole building done (from A to Z) by September or October. WOW!  That is something only God could do!

Those are just the tip of the iceberg here at FBC Dilley! I am so encouraged by watching this congregation function as God has called us to. When a need arises, those who are gifted in that area jump up and run to take care of it! That is the way God functions with His Body! It is such a thrill for me to see you here at FBC Dilley take that responsibility so seriously and joyfully!!! You folks are a JOY to serve with!


In His Grip,

Lance Hartsfield